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  Vacuuming (moving chairs and light furniture)

  Moping the floor (moving chairs and light furniture)


- Bedside tables (everything on them)

- Bed frame

- Dresser, bureau, hutch, etc. (everything on them)

- Chairs

- Blinds

- Window ledges

- Picture frames on the wall (top as well) 

- Mirrors (polishing if needed) 

- Doors, door handles (wash if needed)

- Fan

- Light switchers

- Baseboards

- Remove cob-webs

- Cleaning TV or Computer Screen

- Organizing (pillows, books, pictures, etc.)

- Make a Bed

-  Changing of one set of bed sheets is included but every additional bed is $15



- glass door form both sides

- tile form top to the bottom

- bottom of the shower

- soap dish

- shower caddy

- top of the shower

- shower faucet

- shower drain

- organizing

 Bath Tub:

- sides and bottom

 - soap dish

- facet

- drain

- organizing

Lighting Fixtures




Cabinets Outside and Pull Handles

Organizing (towels, bottles, etc.)

Doors and Door Handles  


Floor moping by hand

Clean and Disinfect Toilet

Clean toilet paper holder

Take off the trash

Pictures, Shelves

Window Ledges



Vacuuming Rugs

Vacuum in the walk-in close


 Wiping Down All Counter Areas (including under appliances)

 Wipe Down Kitchen Appliances

 Cabinets Outside (entire facade plus pull handles)

 Sink and Faucet Spouts/Handles

 Top of the Stove (removable parts, turn knobs)

 Front of the Oven 

 Outside of Dishwasher

 Microwave inside, outside, top

 Refrigerator outside, on a side

 Dusting shelves and pictures

 Dining Table


 Vacuuming Kitchen Rugs

 Wash the Floor (extra attention to corners)

Additional Services
(additional charges apply)

-  Dishwashing ($20);

-  Changing of one set of bed sheets is included but every additional bed is $15;

-  Laundry ($20 per load);

-  Ironing;

-  Inside of refrigerator;

-  Inside of oven;

-  Inside of cabinets;

-  Interior window cleaning;

-  Washing blinds ($20 per set of blinds);


-  Garage sweeping; 

-  Washing the walls;

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