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What is inside of Chlorine Free Bleach by Seventh Generation?

Seventh Generation with A&K House Cleaning services in Renton, WA
At A&K House Cleaning we always try to test different green products and chose only those that work best. One of such products that we tested was Chlorine Free Bleach by Seventh Generation brand. On the bottle we didn’t find any marks where it says Organic, what we did found though is Non-Toxic Formula. As they advertise, this product doesn’t have harsh smell and it is also color safe, we prove that. - Does it actually clean? - Yes. - Does it do as good job as traditional bleach? - Not really. With regular bleach you can spray the shower with mold on it and leave it for 10 minutes and you will see a huge difference and dramatic change, with Chlorine Free Bleach you won’t see that effect. The only ingredients that Chlorine Free Bleach has in water, hydrogen peroxide, and mineral stain removal agent… With all this information we decided to not use Chlorine Free Bleach for the simple reason of overpaying for water and hydrogen peroxide because if you try this product vs hydrogen peroxide from any drug store, you will not see any difference.

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