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Call-only ads from Google for house cleanign companies. Does it really worth the money?

House cleaning companies use all sorts of advertisements in order to attract potential customers. Being the number one search engine in the world, Google plays a huge role in small businesses such as house cleaning services. To be on Google maps is a must, But does a cleaning company really needs to spend money on Google? To my knowledge, there are two different advertising solutions: Google Ads and Google Adwords. In Google Ads you can set up a Call-only campaign, which has the only one action option: to call!

My biggest feedback is about the quality of the leads from Call-only. The most common requests via Call-only are one time cleanings. And it makes complete sense. People, who typed in Google "house cleaning services" and clicked on the very top link in Google list to make a phone call, are probably not calling to set up a regular cleaning service. Regular cleaning services usually require higher commitment and deeper research from a potential customer. I would be very surprised if somebody decided to hire a cleaning company for a regular basis and the only thing that they've done was calling the first number on the list. Unless your company has the lowest or one of the lowest prices in the area, you will probably not be able to attract such a customer.

In A&K House Cleaning we provide the highest level of customer service and cleaning quality and our prices are not low at all. That makes the conversion rate of to be very small because most of the phone calls from Call-only don't care too much about quality and especially they don't care much about the level of customer services. The only thing that really matters is the price, and if you can't give them dirt cheap deals, they are not interested.

In conclusion, I would like to summarize that if prices in your company are very competitive, Call-only might be a good fit. On another hand, if you are a highly reputable cleaning service with a personalized approach to each customer, I don't think it would work out well for you.

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