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House Cleaning Arriving Window

When booking service with your local house cleaning company, does start time matter to you? We believe that the arriving time is very important and try to be as specific as possible with our customers. A lot of Seattle based cleaning services don't care as much as we do and the only 2 options that they can offer to you are anytime between 8am-12pm or 12 pm and 4 pm. I think it neither fair nor professional to be so unspecific with customers about scheduling. Usually, if booked in the morning at 8am with our company A&K House Cleaning, the arriving window is 8-8:15am. For the afternoon it is a little harder to be so precise, so we do 30 minutes arriving window. For example, we say that in the afternoon your cleaning is booked at around 1-1:30pm. The most common starting times are 8am, 8:30am, 9am in the morning and 12pm, 12:30pm and 1pm in the afternoon.

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