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Wall Cleaning. Do House Cleaning Companies Provide Wall Cleaning?

Time to time we receive requests for a wall cleaning service. Our standard reply is that we'll be happy to do a spot cleaning but we'll definitely not be able to clean all of the walls tops to bottom.

Our hourly rate is $60 per hour and you can imagine how long (and how much) will it take to clean all the walls in a standard 2000 sq ft house. When dealing with larger areas, we do exactly what we are asked to do: washing the walls. But for small trouble areas, we use Magic Eraser by MR. CLEAN. Most of the times, when standard washing doesn't remove the spots completely, Magic Eraser removes the same spots in no time!

Please try a tiny area on your wall for test cleaning first, and only then use Magic Eraser as there a risk of damaging a paint.

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