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Is it possible to schedule house cleaning when nobody is at home?

We often have questions about how to schedule a cleaning when nobody's at home. It is pretty common for all the family members to be away during regular business hours. When parents at work and kids at school, there should be a way to arrange access for the house cleaning crew.

Option #1 is to provide a spare key. Each house has assigned professional who provides regular cleaning services each time (either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). Because it is the same person each time, it is best for that person to keep the key and use it when needed.

Option #2 is to set up a lock box. A&K House Cleaning does it free of charge and customer can choose any code they wish. We never email or text a code! It is our policy to only give a code to your professional over the phone when she is by the front door.

Option #3 is to hide a key for us. We'll put it back at the end of the cleaning and you can change the location every time.

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