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Why hiring professional cleaning company?

Professional House Cleaning Company in Renton, WA

Some believe that anybody can do cleaning and you don’t have to have special skills or knowledge, therefore there is no need in hiring professional company and paying extra money. Hiring relative or friend, or try to find somebody inexpensive/cheep becomes main goal. The main risk that I see here is lack or control over the process and unpredictable outcome.

After hiring and working with dozens of house cleaning techs I can assure you that not every person can do house cleaning, there are many people that simple can’t tell clean from unclean, nice looking and organized from chaotic displayed items on bathroom counter or even pillows on a bed.

After quality, we also have liability aspect. What will happen if you unlicensed and unbounded person would break or damage some expensive item in your house? What if that person brings her kids to your home while cleaning and now it becomes your liability!

With A&K House Cleaning you have luxury of setting up your rules and knowing that those instructions would be followed every time. There is no excuses or any unprofessional behavior. One phone call or email and you have 100% of our attention. House cleaning professional who is coming to your house is friendly, well trained, has taste of organizing and consistent with the cleaning standards. Even though you are hiring professional cleaning company, you still have personalized service and there is same person coming and proving cleaning each time. But on top of that we always have a backup plan with another team members in case your regular professional can’t make it that day. And finally, we give our customers 100% guralntee!

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