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How reliable are Yelp reviews?

At A&K House Cleaning we use Yelp because it is a great advertising asset for us, in fact our first review appeared in May of 2011 so we have years of experience with this site.

We believe that Yelp reviews are real and you can trust them as a potential customer BUT did you know there are so many other reviews that you simply don’t see? Why? Because they are filtered by an automatic system that Yelp uses. Yes, they are real customers that spent their time to share their amazing experience with their cleaning company in Seattle, but Yelp decided that they cannon be trusted. The reason is very simple, the Yelp reviews that got filtered are written by members that didn’t make any friends with other “yelpers" or that don’t have more than 3 reviews posted by them. Out of 17 filtered reviews on our profile, A&K House Cleaning in Renton, WA, 14 of them are from members with 0 friends or with not more than 3 reviews. We think that is unfair and we feel badly for all those people who took their time to write a review.

This seems to only be true for positive reviews, if a member will leave a negative review it is displayed for all to see and avoids the Yelp filter. Although it is far from perfect, we still recommend it to all business owners as well as consumers looking for a service.

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