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How does Real Estate Boom Effect House Cleaning Companies in Seattle?

Move out cleaning before putting house on the market

According to The Seattle Times Seattle’s median home price hits record: $700,000. You start thinking that people buy and sell a lot of houses and therefore need somebody to do all the cleaning including preparation for putting house on the market and move-in cleanings for new owners.

Seattle Median Home Price Hits Records and its Effect of House Cleaning Companies

Our company A&K Cleaning based in Renton, WA can be very good example on how real estate market effects demand cleaning services in Seattle, WA and King County because we offer both house and carpet cleaning services which are very common when selling a house. In reality the demand is about on the same level and there is no significant difference in number of orders for mov-in/out cleaning comparing to the same period 3 years ago.

I think that the explanation for that is number of houses sold and not the home prices. According to there was consistent number of houses sold between Jan, 2013 and Jan, 2017, around 1600 houses sold in winter and around 2600 houses during summer time.

Number of Home Sales in Seattle Relation to Demand on House Cleaning Service

Right now Seattle hits new record for supply shortage and it doesn’t help house cleaning companies a lot. Although, it doesn’t hurt either:)

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