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Tips to keep your house clean

1. Remove your shoes.

Removing your shoes when you enter your house is the best way to keep floors clean. While you are outside walking, all the soil sticks to your shoes and then you bring it into your house.

2. Cleaning top to bottom

For kitchen cleaning, start with cleaning upper cabinets then counter top and work down to cabinets at the end. If you want to clean your fridge or oven, spray oven first with oven cleaner, close it and let it stay for a while. The longer you let chemicals to work the easier it will be for you to clean it after all. Fridge cleaning is more simple but for the best results you need to make sure you take everything out and wash the trays under the water.

3. Dust before vacuuming

Make your bed, then start dusting.

While you are dusting you can also organize things that are on your table, take out trash, prepare room for vacuuming.

4. Sweep or vacuum wood floors before mopping.

You will have the best results when you sweep or vacuum wood floors before moping. It makes your floor more shiny.

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